BSC STAFF:  Hey Kenya.

KENYA:  Hey you and the BSC(laughing). This is some beautiful weather you have here, did you order it up for me?

BSC STAFF: We haven't even started and you are already cutting up.

KENYA:  Well in preparation for this, I checked out the BSC website more thoroughly than I had before, and everyone seems to be having so much fun. This is what life is all about, finding a passion and enjoying to the fullest.

BSC STAFF: What is your passion? I mean you were Miss USA, for some that would be their pinnacle.

KENYA:  Right now it is my work. I am really busy right now with my book, "Game, Get Some" going on sale today. Working on my first movie production, "Pudding" which will be out soon. If you like the book, you will love this movie. And of course touring right now with the stage play, "Gossip Lies, and Secrets". Our tour schedule looks a lot like your BSC schedule. We have or have had dates in Nashville, Birmingham, D.C., Atlanta, Houston, Tallahassee and we are ending up in my hometown of Detroit. Where are my Detroit peeps at?

Wait, wait, wait.... and of course strong black men, who treat us like the queens we are.

BSC STAFF: You were an athlete as well, you think you can compete on the circuit?

KENYA:  (Laughing)Man, I am always a first round pick in the many celebrity softball games I play in? And I also pitched and played second base in high school.

BSC STAFF: I think the competition on the circuit is a little more stiff than the celebrity games lol.

KENYA:  See you hatin' on a sister. When, we finish this interview, let's go to the batting cage and let me show you what's up.(Smiling)

BSC STAFF: So from what you have read, what are your thoughts on the circuit?

KENYA: This whole experience is awesome. Folks seem to be really enjoying themselves and there is nothing like us having and doing our own thing. Corporate America will soon take notice of this, but don't sell out.

BSC STAFF: Come on now, you know me better than that.

KENYA:  I know, but it just happens so often. I have really got to check out one of these tournaments?

BSC STAFF: And I will direct some people to come check you out. This interview will run on November 5th, where can family check you out after then?

KENYA:  I will be doing book signings in Beaumont, Texas, Houston, Texas and Detroit Michigan this month with more dates being added every week. You can check the dates on my website and you can order your copy of the book online as well or at if it is not at your local bookstore yet. And while you are on my site, drop me a line or too.

BSC STAFF: Well we have several more engagements today before the show tonight, so any shout outs at this time?

KENYA: I want to give a big shout out to my Detroit family and the rest of the BSC family as well. Keep praying and playing together. And to you grown folks in the Grown Folks Lounge(laughing), I have a special video message for you below. Take care everyone and thanks for supporting me.

Check out Kenya's video message to the grown folks below. (If you are grown.)