Whatís up DAANSWER?
Whats up fam. just chilling out in da Windy City.....
BSC STAFF: So what have you been up to since the World Tournaments?
A lot of healing physically and mentally and getting that extra Q.T. in with family..

BSC STAFF:  Since the time we scheduled your interview and now, there seems to be a lot of activity surrounding the WINDY CITY WRECKING CREW.
My guess would be that you are talking about the name to sum it up money just can't buy everything!!
BSC STAFF: On the surface, it looks like the WCWC has gained some key players.
Oh yeah!! Some key ingredients has been added to our recipe that we are whipping up!!

BSC STAFF:  Are you at liberty to discuss the new additions ?
Well I'll just say this.....our new additions will help strengthen our team and give us some different looks on the field.
BSC STAFF:  How would you rate the short lived name 2007 season for WCWC?
A team to be "Wreckin" with that's our motto we are going to Tear It To Pieces so watch out...."LET THEM HATE, AS LONG AS THEY FEAR-CALIGULA!!"
BSC STAFF: Early on, it definitely seemed like you were destined for at least one if not two World titles, what happened?
There was some controlling issues early on that hinder our season and that kind of took the fun and focus out of what we were trying to accomplish.
BSC STAFF: Letís focus solely on you for a minute. Any college or pro experience in sports?
I played 3 sports at Knoxville College and I played a lot of semi-pro baseball in the Midwest and South.
BSC STAFF: How long have you been playing softball?
I've been playing off and on since 1998 and I first started out playing with KnoxVegas.

BSC STAFF: Donít worry about being modest; are you the best sticks in the game today?

I'll put this way I have a real good stick in a line-up that is loaded and I'm in a key spot in our line-up, so I guess that makes me a big stick hitter on a good TEAM.
BSC STAFF: What was your batting average this year?
700 plus just about every tournament.

BSC STAFF: What was your most memorable experience this year?
That's tough because I had a lot of fun this past season, but if I had to pick one it would be the Huntsville tournament because our team had just enough players to play and we represented by finishing third place in a tournament that's consider the baby world.
BSC STAFF: What was your favorite tournament?
I just can't pick out one because all of them were good tournaments with a good BSC atmosphere.
BSC STAFF: You are one of the HOT BOYS/EYE CANDY on the circuit, what do you think about that?

(This is where we need to inject that this BSC Staff person is female.LOL)

Wow, this sounds like a XXL I didn't know that, hmm.


BSC STAFF: What do you like most about the BSC circuit?
I'll have to say everything, how can a softball junkie not like the fact that you can play just about every weekend against some good competitive softball teams, and you get to see some beautiful people....just like they say a Black Family Reunion every weekend.
BSC STAFF: What changes or suggestions would you like to see?
I don't want to get hung up on talking about any changes, but I will say this....I do applaud  the improving efforts that's going on around the circuit and I hope that they don't get comfortable and stop.  Keep in mind that this is just like a business and there is always room for improvement.
BSC STAFF: What are your goals for 2008?
Is this a trick question---RINGS---lol....but seriously I want a healthy (+) productive (=) successful season!!
BSC STAFF: That is about it, any shout outs?

First I would like to say thanks to Da Man(Mr. 911) and his staff for all the hard work that y'all do....I would like to shout-out to all the Black Softball Circuit family members in every region from Midwest, South, East Coast, and da West Coast....I would like to shout-out to my WCWC family Midwest and South can't forget my peeps from Tennessee, my boys, KnoxVegas....I would like to send a special shout-out to my family for being very supportive and real patient with me while I enjoy playing the sport I love.....last but not least I would like for everyone to help me with this one by thanking our Almighty God for allowing all this to happen, Amen